Hello It's Spongebob spuarepants!

Jag har ganska tråkigt här hemma i det ödsliga huset in nowere.
Jag kan ju ta och berätta en liten historia under denna mörka boring five minutes...

Once upon a time there was a  cat.
This cat was very black, oh ye nothing can be more black and this cat!
One day when the cat walked in the tiny red house the cat heard a piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip...

OMG what's that!!!!!, the very black cat said.
The cat's tiny heart pumped so hard that the old couple in th next house heard it.
The very black cat turned around an saw a giant mouse!
It was so big that the cat felt xs.
It had big yellow teeth and big feet and most of all It was ugly and a bit scary.

Hi, said the big,ugly,a bit scary, with yellow teeth and big feet mouse.
Heeeloo, said the cat a bit drugged.
you are scary.... said the drugged very black cat.
You are such marsmallow, said the mouse hwo are so much that I don't okr say.
Then the mouse eat up the very black cat........

The End


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